Internet reputation is important!

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One of the three points in this blog post advises businessmen to engage in reputation management. The writer of the blog post is quite correct that online reputation management is important. If you want to stand out in this industry, it is important to groom your internet reputation.

Harvard Law takes notice

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Internet reputation is an industry that is rapidly expanding because of the anonymity of the Internet. From the anonymous confines of the Internet, anyone can hurl slander and libel in your direction. The Harvard Journal of Law came out with an article on internet defamation and the industry that has sprung up around it.

Buried in the Internet

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There is no magic eraser to the Internet. Once something negative has been placed on the web, it proliferates. Your internet reputation can be protected, but only by professionals in the online reputation management industry. Although nothing can be removed from the Internet, some things can be buried.

All wrong

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This article really has everything all wrong as it concerns business reputation management. Although it is written for people or businesses who get negative comments on their social networking profiles, like facebook, it applies equally to any website or blog, too. The first piece of advice is if you can remove it, don’t. Wrong. If you have the power to remove the comments, DO! The third thing the article suggests is to submit a calm and cool reply. Again, this is incorrect. Any reply will boost interest in the article, blog post, or comment–and increase it’s visibility in search engines.

Hello world!

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