Moving on up? Maybe not.

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Yahoo scored a huge victory in the war between search engines this quarter. Net income in the 3rd Quarter rose 244% to $186 million. Does this mean Yahoo is gaining in popularity? Probably not. Most of the excess income has resulted from cost-cutting, rather than any real market gains. Still, yahoo is a formidable search engine which can have quite an effect on search engine reputation management.

Food for blog-thought

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Susan from Googleblog has posted some very helpful information for individuals who want to manage their internet reputation. She offers a number of very valuable nuggets of information–but the best piece of information is the suggestion of preemption. It is much simpler to control whether or not your personal information gets placed on the Internet than it is to control the perception and comments concerning that information once it has been placed on the web. The advice here is, be careful what information you place on the Internet–just food for thought.

Being the solution to the problem

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The reputation of a business is key to its sales and general marketing strategy. But what happens when a companies brand reputation comes under attack, especially in an anarchic environment like the Internet? Corporate reputation management is an industry that has become the solution to this contrived problem.

Social sphere

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eWord of Mouth is very important in this day and age. Social networking has made it so that no person can really escape the Internet’s grasp. Sites like and allow you to keep up with your internet reputation in the social sphere.