Buying Porn Domains to Protect Reputation

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It might be surprising that companies, organizations, and cities are buying up domain names ending with .xxx. The new porn-related domain address is causing waves because if Jim Smith doesn’t buy it, then some porn company hoping to exploit his name will.

To avoid any indecent Internet exposure, some of the city’s biggest institutions are snapping up corresponding domain names ending in “.xxx” to make sure they are never bought by or associated with adult entertainment websites.Mary Rodgers, who works in marketing and communications at the city, said the IT department had just purchased on Tuesday.

“It’s to protect our reputation,” Rodgers said. “We’re not going to use it, but we own it.”

This makes a great deal of sense. It will help the City of Windsor to protect its online reputation.

The Effect of Anonymity: Offending Material Online

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Protecting your online reputation is not easy in any regard–it requires attention to detail and a lot of work. Unfortunately, the effect of anonymity on the Internet is that people can be ruthless and cruel.

Removing The Offending Material
This is why the services of a company that can quickly remove negative comments about your organization from the top pages of search engines must be employed as soon as possible. As already mentioned, high quality, informative SEO writing and digital content is the best way to remove comments that could damage your company’s reputation. You need an organization that can issue press releases, write fresh articles and blog posts, create social awareness and post videos onto sites like YouTube. An all-out SEO assault will help you quickly regain your favorable reputation.

The solution is not SEO per-se, but online reputation management specialists.