AboutOurWork For Online Reputation Needs

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 4 September 2013 12:59 am

If you run a small business, then finding places to create profiles or promote your venture is important. When you have an online reputation problem, the way to resolve the issue is not to make empty threats of lawsuits that won’t work, but to work to address the issues as they exist in real life and then to create a positive online appearance.

AboutOurWork is a small business network that can be found online. It is a prominent network that features small business profiles. This is about more than just having information out there–lots of small businesses at AboutOurWork have websites already. This is about networking amongst the large membership at AboutOurWork.

AboutOurWork is free for members and was launched in the Summer of 2011, based out of Columbus, Ohio. If you are a part of the small business community, AboutOurWork can help you to make the connections that need to be made in order to be more successful.