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Celebrities know that when they became famous, they became the subject of much public attention. This is just a fact of life, unfortunately, for these people. Celebrities are under public scrutiny at basically all times–nowhere is that scrutiny more narrow or abusive than online. On the Internet, the famous or even semi-famous can easily find that they are the subject to ridicule.

According to powerful public relations figure Lord Bell, stars that have their reputations trashed online must be careful not to overreact. “I think it was the chief executive of Google who said there were a billion blogs and they have an average readership of one.

This is certainly true. There are countless blogs on the web which are really more like personal diaries. People may occasionally stumble upon them, but for the most part it is simply a small piece of the web that will only ever be seen by its author. Google reputation management still has to take these thousands of blogs into account, though,  because they can be quite damaging to an online reputation if used correctly.

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