Blogging For Your Reputation

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Blogging can be a highly beneficial way of promoting a website, generating traffic, and improving the opinion of your potential clients and partners. The regular addition of naturally written content not only tends to mean a large number of keyword optimized pages but it also generates trust from others and subsequently more links to your blog. Blogging can also be used for Internet reputation management by burying negative online press and replacing those results with your own pages.

The links that you include in the blog are important. Keyword rich links are beneficial to improving search engine result pages but rather than using those that are relevant to your industry there are other keywords you should consider.

If you use your own name in any form of communication then you should research your full name and aliases to see what shows up. Use major search engines and consider using services like Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts.

Potential clients will also search for your business name and any other names your business might use. What’s more, if you use a URL for your website that differs to your company name then you should research this too.

Other keywords to consider researching include the names of executives within your company, product names, and known brands. Leads will often research these names using the Internet because it is quick and easy. If you find negative results or you simply want to manage your reputation for the future then add links including all of these relevant keywords.

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