Repumatic Recieving A Lot of Online Reputation Management Attention

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Repumatic is a reputation management software tool that is sure to receive a lot of attention in the coming month. The online reputation management industry is awash with tools that either do not work as advertised or cost entirely too much. Repumatic is neither of those things, relying on a wider user base in order to make up for the small fees the company charges for its high quality product. Repumatic is a tool that, if used properly, can make the work that needs to be done shrink by a great deal. Repumatic offers a fully automated package deal—you get access to the control center that is so useful.

The command center that is offered through Repumatic is the height of helpfulness for a reputation manager. They are able to switch seamlessly between their various clients by using the command center. Repumatic allows for a quicker transition in terms of managing campaigns, as well as a quicker start to the process.

Keeping Low Fees and High Quality Services: ReputationHawk

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One of the worst things about most reputation management services companies is that they often charge ridiculous fees. They will adjust their fees based on who is coming to them, trying to milk each client for the maximum amount of money. This is not what ReputationHawk does, they will offer you a fair fee based on the amount of work that is required for your specific situation. ReputationHawk is focused on helping their clients to deal with the online reputation issue they are dealing with.

For the most part, the people who come to ReputationHawk have suffered from online defamation. ReputationHawk gives people the ability to take control of their search results. It allows people to eliminate online defamation from public view while promoting themselves positively. This is a positive and forward-thinking solution that is usually better than trying to file a lawsuit which will inevitably attract more negative attention.

Branding Sites and Repumatic

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If you have clients that are in need of online reputation management results, then you can achieve that for them through a tool called Repumatic. This is a new online reputation management software tool that has quickly caught the attention of many companies offering reputation management services. Repumatic can be white-listed to other companies and providers, as well.

The branding sites available through Repumatic offer a new way to immediately set up portals for information online. This is vital for online reputation management campaigns and for SEO as well. If you have knowledge of how this is supposed to work, then pre-built branding websites ought to be pretty appealing. These branding websites serve all different purposes, with various websites geared towards different fields. A network of over 170 branding websites are available to work with–which gives the individual running the reputation management campaign a wealth of choices. Repumatic is happy to be able to offer a high quality online reputation management software service for others to work with.


For Getting Your Thoughts Down

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There are certainly many platforms around these days for anyone who wants to create a blog. The paid platforms are obviously very useful, but it is the free platforms that attract most attention. There are some very attractive free platforms for blogging, but very few are as good as Their system allows individuals to create blogs about just about anything–regardless of what it is that you are interested in.

Our easy-to-use site lets you instantly create and theme a custom blog that matches your personality and interests. You can create a personal blog, just for your thoughts, or create a group blog and invite others who share your interests to join in. is a great platform because it offers a variety of tools for individualization of blogs. It also offers a community that is supportive, friendly, and interactive.’s system is user-friendly, too, with ease of access being a top priority.

AboutOurWork For Online Reputation Needs

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If you run a small business, then finding places to create profiles or promote your venture is important. When you have an online reputation problem, the way to resolve the issue is not to make empty threats of lawsuits that won’t work, but to work to address the issues as they exist in real life and then to create a positive online appearance.

AboutOurWork is a small business network that can be found online. It is a prominent network that features small business profiles. This is about more than just having information out there–lots of small businesses at AboutOurWork have websites already. This is about networking amongst the large membership at AboutOurWork.

AboutOurWork is free for members and was launched in the Summer of 2011, based out of Columbus, Ohio. If you are a part of the small business community, AboutOurWork can help you to make the connections that need to be made in order to be more successful.

The Newest Review Solution

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Online reviews are at the base of many of the most destructive pieces of online libel. It is common for someone to disguise their scathing comments as a “review” of a product, service, or company, when in fact they are not offering anywhere near an objective opinion.

One of the earliest review sites that many are familiar with is Amazon lets users post reviews about products. They use the credit card information of users to identify the reviewer by their real name and tell the world who is doing the reviewing. The reviews are graded on the 1 – 5 star scale, and the most helpful reviews are given extra status by appearing on the first page of the reviews for a product. Users real names and the five star scale have helped spawn an entire online review industry. Yelp, Trip Advisor, and UrbanSpoon are just a few of the review sites in the online review world, and now even search engines are getting into the game. Google, Bing and others allow user generated reviews about businesses in their “local” search directories.

There are others too, which are more sinister, like This site, in particular, has become a haven for online libel in the form of “reviews”. However, Repumatic is currently offering a unique and creative solution to this problem where companies can operate their own review websites that can be cleaned out to prevent online lies and profanity.

ReputationHawk Leading the Way

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ReputationHawk is a company that prides itself on high quality online reputation management services. The company is made up of an experienced and skilled team of online reputation management professionals with various specialties.

Reputation Hawk was established several years ago and was one of the first companies to offer online reputation management services.

A Sticky Situation

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Rick Santorum is a Republican presidential candidate who has failed to protect his online reputation. This article outlines the issue for Santorum, which is pretty extensive.

The page at, created by columnist Dan Savage as a protest against Santorum’s views about homosexuality, has maintained its position in the top results on Google for years. The page defines “santorum” as:

The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

To understand more of the history of the site, and how it ended up doing so well on Google (and Bing, Yahoo and Baidu), see my previous article, Should Rick Santorum’s “Google Problem” Be Fixed?

Rick Santorum is a character who is not well liked by homosexual-rights activists, but this seems overboard. Still, it has helped a lot of people to figure out why Santorum is not very well liked by that community.

The New Market Share Numbers for Search Engines

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The market shares of various search engines is an important area of study for anyone who wants to protect online reputations. This article concerns just that–and as expected Google is still dominant.

The graphic shows that Yahoo search has declined pretty suddenly over the last month of reports and that Google has benefited from that. Online reputation management deals with search engines a good deal, so this is vital information.

Buying Porn Domains to Protect Reputation

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It might be surprising that companies, organizations, and cities are buying up domain names ending with .xxx. The new porn-related domain address is causing waves because if Jim Smith doesn’t buy it, then some porn company hoping to exploit his name will.

To avoid any indecent Internet exposure, some of the city’s biggest institutions are snapping up corresponding domain names ending in “.xxx” to make sure they are never bought by or associated with adult entertainment websites.Mary Rodgers, who works in marketing and communications at the city, said the IT department had just purchased on Tuesday.

“It’s to protect our reputation,” Rodgers said. “We’re not going to use it, but we own it.”

This makes a great deal of sense. It will help the City of Windsor to protect its online reputation.

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