High Quality and No Cost

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 24 May 2011 4:09 am

There are a host of websites on the Internet that claim to give users free websites for nothing. Lots of them are even telling the truth. But few of them really deliver any sort of quality product–and for free, how can the customer really complain? However, finding a site that will not just give you a free website, but make sure it’s high quality, that is a tough thing to do.

Jimdo is a site that is both free and high quality. You can create your own domain and website at Jimdo. Essentially, you are creating a subdomain that can be found at BlahBlah.Jimdo.com. If, for example, I’m a soccer enthusiast, I might put “SoccerFan.Jimdo.com” as my URL. I do, in fact, have my own website, but it is a subdomain of Jimdo.

For people who are out to use their website for online reputation management services reasons, this is perfect. Google reputation management is a big reason why services like this even exist. People want to make sure theirname.jimdo.com is taken by them, instead of some anonymous Internet malcontent who wants to do their online reputation harm.

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