How Do You Use Twitter?

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 18 May 2010 8:13 am

Twitter quickly became an online phenomenon that almost single-handedly launched the mobile blogging or moblogging platform. Almost everybody from singing celebrities to their star struck fans use the site to communicate with those that matter most to them. In the case of the individual user it means connecting with friends as well as businesses and celebrities. For the business user it can be a great way to manage an online reputation, build a brand, and deliver messages in a convenient and effective manner. But, the question is, can we learn anything from the way that celebrities use the site? Undoubtedly.

Justin Bieber, despite recent Twitter algorithm changes, remains one of the most discussed topics on the site. He has entire communities dedicated to him and his fans have an almost unbelievable level of control over the trends list. Following an algorithm chance that saw their adored singer disappear from the trends list, Tweeters changed their approach and blogged the name Bieber so often that he was quickly restored to top spot.

Twitter is also very useful for transmitting messages to fans and to potential clients. Following rumours that she is pregnant, singer and avid Tweeter Lily Allen used the service to inform her own fans that the rumours were untrue and that she isn’t pregnant.

Another sign of the popularity of Twitter is news that a new TV show based on Twitter account @shitmydadsays has been given the go ahead, will feature William Shatner, and will air this fall on CBS. How did William Shatner tell his fans of his latest part? Using Twitter, of course.

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