Know Thy Enemy: Social Networking

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Thursday 4 February 2010 11:21 pm

Microsoft, always with an eye for business, is reminding young professionals that their social networking could get them in trouble some day. Applying for jobs is a long and arduous process—and employers often plug their candidates’ names into search engines looking for addition information. If a picture of you holding a beer with no shirt on is what they receive, then you can kiss that job goodbye, whether you interviewed well or not.

Microsoft is warning people that in their social networking fever, they could in fact be shooting themselves in the foot. The HR professionals in the US which rejected job candidates because of data found by simply performing an online search on the person indicated that the top factor considered was unsuitable photos and videos shared with the world, along with examples of the candidate’s lifestyle and even inappropriate comments expressed by the candidate. It is clear that the time when a consistent CV, experience or studies were the only deal breakers when it came down to getting a job is gone.

Microsoft is ahead of the curve—many young professionals do not realize how many of their potential employees are using search engines to check them out. Some reputation management will be needed to repair the damage done by social networking.

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