Protecting Against Internet Libel

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Monday 26 April 2010 5:58 pm

Most companies understand there is an inherent risk in creating social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace. The positive is that customers have an opportunity to spread word about your business and deliver helpful feedback. The negative, of course, is that they could possibly say very negative things about your business. Venting about your company on Twitter or Facebook could expose it to a good deal of criticism and cost your business customers.

With the appearance and growing proliferation of other social formats, such as Twitter, companies have begun to embrace this potential for collaboration. Social networking has evolved from personal networking to become a medium for mass communication. Many companies now view sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. as valuable marketing channels.

The rest of that article, linked below, has a good deal of good advice for companies using social networking sites concerning security. Protecting against hackers and spamware is almost as important as protecting against Internet libel.

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