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There is an entire industry on the Internet called Online Reputation Management. What exactly does that mean? Well, as everyone knows—the Internet is full of malcontents and pranksters. How much damage can these pranksters do? Quite a bit, in some cases. If a major Internet-based company is maliciously maligned by these people, it can cost them a great deal of customers, and profits. The anonymity of the Internet guarantees they will never be caught, too.

Enter Online Reputation Management. This industry has sprung up in response to the problem of online libel. Any company that has done a great deal of business online knows that search engines are the key to their reputation. If negative links exist about them out there in the ether, that is no big deal—but if they are indexed at the top of their search results, that is a major problem. Virtually every client is guaranteed to pick through their search results and see these negative comments. Online Reputation Management firms solve this by pushing those comments and links down, out of the top search results for those companies.

Amongst the most well-known and respected of these companies is They have incredibly positive reviews all over the Internet. I spent a while trying to comb the web looking for anything negative on Reputation Hawk‘s services or pricing and was unable to find anything. They have also gotten a great deal of press, from TIME, The New York Post, and the Chicago Tribune—amongst others.

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